For Generations

OldYoungHand Vandalia Nazarene is a church of many generations. We’ve got members in their eighties and some that have yet to celebrate a first birthday. Imagine that, in the same group of people, we’ve got stories from World War II and some who will rotfl and ttyl on FaceBook. What a tremendous opportunity to really see what God’s family looks like.

Vandalia Nazarene wants to be a church for generations. We want to celebrate what each generation brings to our family. After all, the Bible says that the church is like a human body, made up of many parts; but the many parts make up one body. In other words, even though we look different, have different talents and preferences, are in different stages of spiritual growth, deal with different struggles and exist in different stages of life, we are still all part of the body of Christ. Given this, how can we not want to be a church for generations?

Vandalia Nazarene wants to be a church for generations. We realize that as a church, and as Christians, we need to draw generations into our family. We need to be purposeful in the way we interact with our community. We need to love and care for those who are struggling and represent God at every opportunity in our lives. In order to accomplish this we offer exciting opportunities for worship, growth and community for children, teens, and adults. We actively participate in missions and charity work. We even host a pretty big car show each year.

We realize that the core of this multi-generational approach isn’t our differences, but our commonality. As generations, we have our own styles, but one God. We have our own expectations, but one Church. We have our own methods, but one Jesus. He’s the reason we meet, the reason we worship, and the reason we want to be in this family together.
Come worship our amazing and wonderful God with us at Vandalia Nazarene Church!